Flyers for Phoenix Element Normality Twisted



I made flyers to help promote Phoenix Element Normality Twisted before it was released. The above picture was taken at Tate’s Comics in Lauderhill, Florida. This is a shop that everyone needs to go to at least once. They have comics, anime, action figures, bottom line, it is a geek paradise.

I even signed a few of the flyers which was a very humble experience. Honestly, I was shocked when people asked me to sign the flyer for them. Some of which wanted me to mail them a signed flyer (you guys and gals are awesome by the way).

I took a bunch of flyers with me to PAX Prime 2013 in Seattle.


Here I am in the media room with William and one of my flyers. I’m a freelance EIC for The Game Fanatics and even though PAX was a lot of fun it was also work. On one hand, I had to write, interview and get inside info for the site and secondly I had to promote my book, which at the time, wasn’t out yet.


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