Ashima’s Song | Divinity I

Ashima has the only instrumental piece for her theme song. Ashima is an entity from another plane of existence and her race is called the Rayasha. Her intentions are unknown for she is a villain that won’t monologue about what her plans are. She saves her speeches for breaking the morale of those who fight against her and she is very good at that.

Divinity I from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children by Nobuo Uemastu is Ashima’s theme song.

“Here we are, the one you swore to save dying in your arms and I am free” – Ashima, Phoenix Element Mages of Vane, chapter 6 (rough draft)

Just a little fun fact, Ashima is the name I gave my smuggler in the MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Originally, Ashima was known as Saturn or the Hymn of Saturn, which was influence by Sailor Moon way back when I was developing Ashima as the villain. For many years, in my mind, she went by the name of Saturn. That changed when I was deep in writing Normality Twisted. I liked the name Ashima that I had for my smuggler so I decided to use Saturn as a nickname and Ashima has her proper name. Ashima from SWTOR and Ashima from my book series are completely different in every way possible.


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