Josh’s Song | Do or Die


Josh Blaire is a character that I had written back in high school. I liked his character and with Phoenix Element I hope to expand on him. He was captured by Ozma and used to break down other individuals that were taken by Ozma. He has the ability to change into people and objects. He needs to see a photo of a person to be able to change into them. For objects, he has to touch it. Josh enjoys taking charge and tries to be as helpful as he can. He is very close to Zarnell (Zar-Q), which may or may not develop into something more later in the series. He is cocky and flirtatious.

Josh’s theme song is Do or Die from 30 Seconds to Mars.

“You have to trust us or we’ll be dead in a few minutes.” – Josh, Phoenix Element Normality Twisted, chapter 4


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