Always Remember Where You Came From

On the final day of March, I went back to the town that I grew up in, Davie. My goal was to visit my elementary school and to donate Phoenix Element: Normality Twisted to the library. I do have to thank the teachers, friends and the moments created there. Looking back, that place was amazing and I have fond memories. Even though most of those who I knew worked there have moved on, it was nice stopping by. Time has changed things but you always have to remember where you came from. The memories of the past, be them good or otherwise, shape us into what we are today and what we can still be in the future.


Who knew this little composition book would be the start of my love for writing? My handwriting was terrible, actually it still is, but it is funny and a bit scary to look back at what I wrote as a fifth grader. I remember when I got the chicken pox. My composition book was still at school and I wanted to have it with me while I was absent from school. So when the school day was almost over, I returned to get my book. Not sure if that was a good idea but if someone didn’t have the chicken pox yet, then I was doing them a favor. I felt lost if I didn’t have my book with me, like a piece was missing.

Looking back, I might have written my first fanfic. It was a story involving Darkwing Duck! I even wrote a short story about Sherlock Holmes when I was eleven. In this composition book, I created my first series, Street Talk Gossip. It was a series of short stories with my friends from my elementary school going on silly adventures. Yea, those stories were a bit, ahem, but it was a start, my start.

The signed copy of Phoenix Element Normality Twisted that I donated to my school’s library.

I can’t thank those who inspired me enough, even though they may not know that they did. We need more teachers and people like that. One simple word of encouragement could be the deciding factor in someone’s life. Even the hard times that we face in life gives us the fuel to be better and to do more if we push ourselves.

When I was younger I didn’t believe in change. I thought things would just fall into my lap. I am glad to announce that I no longer think this way. If you want to do something, no matter how small or large, you have to work at it. If you don’t know how to work at it, do it anyway and hopefully you’ll learn. Learn and do by failing and getting right back up to do it all over again!

It is fun to remember the past and if you can return to it physically, even better. But we cannot stay in the past no matter how tight our grip is. Besides, there’s so much more to do and see in the present and future!

To everyone, the extroverts, the introverts, those who balance both, go out there and be positive!


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Next Jen

Jennifer is a geek at heart. She works as a cook at a high end casino while trying to get her writing career off the ground. Jennifer has been writing off and on since the 5th grade. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys playing video games, reading, playing D&D, and listening to music.

3 thoughts on “Always Remember Where You Came From”

  1. I think it’s awesome you donated your book to your school library. What a great idea! And hooray for Darkwing Duck fanfics! Haha

  2. Davie Elementary rocked! The teachers were amazing! Ms. Hantula-Hilton really did make the experience memorable. K thru 5. All the way. I know you know!

  3. Wish I could go back to my old schools…but the original Miramar Elementary and Cooper City High School buildings are sadly only a memory. Haven’t been back to south Florida in three decades, not much there for me anymore. But I would give a king’s ransom only to have a Sonny’s hoagie #50 with provolone.

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