Character Interview | Kyle Roberts

Author’s message: These interviews will take place between book one and book two. Book two, Mages of Vane is what I am currently working on. There is the possibility of spoilers within these interviews for those who have not read the first book, Normality Twisted.

JK: Hello and welcome to the first of many interviews with the cast and crew of the Phoenix Element book series. Today we have Kyle Roberts, the self-proclaimed protector to Anya Crystaltina. Thank you for stopping by today, Mr. Roberts.

Kyle: Thanks and you can call me Kyle.

JK: Alright, Kyle, lets start off with why you have assumed the role of Anya’s protector.

Kyle: I can’t go into details about that but have you seen how careless she can be? Teleporting as she pleases. Anya is lucky that she hasn’t teleported inside of a wall yet.

JK: Would you rather have teleportation instead of flight?

Kyle: No way. There’s a special type of freedom that comes with flying. I feel a sense of calmness when I’m flying around. And the sites that I see and feel…amazing. This sofa is comfortable by the way.

JK: Thank you, we do like to keep our guests comfortable while they are here. Do you have any interesting stories about flying?

Kyle: Ask anyone with the flying ability how high they’ve been. Everyone has done it. I know people who can’t fly and they will seek out those who can and they will ask them to fly with them. Flying should be a paid attraction. Anyway, of course I’ve tried it. And I did make the rookie mistake and I flew straight up. I kept climbing too, until frost started to form on my face and hair. I didn’t listen and I kept going. I looked up and all around me and passing out in flight was worth the view. The pressure up there was too strong for me. If I didn’t wake up when I did, I would have been a splatter mark on the ground. The next day I went back up. Like I said, the view is worth it. And I do this for every new planet I go to. The view in the night sky is always different.

JK: I bet it is amazing. On the other side of that, what is the worst part of flying?

Kyle: Bugs. The birds and other flying creatures will change course but bugs, they just don’t care. Good source of protein at least.

JK: Do you mind if we cover the basics, tell us about yourself, where you are from?

Kyle: I’ve been to so many places, so you could say that I’m a traveler.

JK: Do you have a place where you call home?

Kyle: I like how simple Crystaltina can be. If I had to choose, that planet would be it.

JK: Since you like to travel, what place is your favorite to visit?

Kyle: Earth because it allows me to be human. But my all-time favorite place to visit would have to be the crystal caverns on Sempter. They also have a killer theme park.

JK: What is your greatest fear?

Kyle: To lose everything. Once you’ve lost that and yourself-what is left?

JK: Is that why you became a Rayasha? So you would never forget, so you wouldn’t be able to lose yourself?

Kyle: Being a Rayasha is a burden but also a blessing. What I’ve learned only shapes me into the person sitting here today.

JK: Would you like to tell us a little bit about one of your past lives?

Kyle: No, not really.

JK: Okay, fair enough. Lets talk magical powers. We’ve covered flight, tell us what else you can do.

Kyle: Should I show you, is that allowed?

JK: We’re not recording this, I think it would be pointless.

Kyle: You’re right. Well, I can shoot electricity and I can use it as a power surge but that requires more energy from myself.

JK: When did you discover that you had that ability?

Kyle: I was young, around ten or so, I really don’t remember.

JK: I don’t want to keep you much longer, so we’ll end with this: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be?

Kyle: I have a lot of regret. For once I wish I could be the type of person that can look the other way from regret and move on. I have…I tend to always look into the face of regret and I can’t look away.

JK: Thank you for taking the time with us today and answering these questions.

Kyle: My pleasure, thanks for having me.

{end interview}

JK: When speaking with Kyle Roberts, he would pause before answering several of my questions. His brown eyes kept going in and out of focus as if he was somewhere else and that his mind was on something or someone other than this interview. Hopefully we’ll be able to have Kyle return in the future for a followup. As for our next interview, we will speak with Josh Blaire, the shapeshifter who was allegedly a prisoner of Ozma, head of the Portal Corp on Zerron. Until next time!


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