Character Interview | Josh Blaire

Author’s message: These interviews will take place between book one and book two of the Phoenix Element book series. Book two, Mages of Vane is what I am currently working on. There is the possibility of spoilers within these interviews for those who have not read the first book, Normality Twisted. And perhaps a hint or two of what is to come.


JK: Today we have the silver haired shapeshifter, Josh Blaire! Thank you for stopping by.

Josh: The pleasure is all mine. Sorry about turning you down last time.

JK: We understand. The word is that you are a very busy man.

Josh: Oh, you have no idea.

JK: Care to tell us a little bit about what you do?

Josh: Question should be, what don’t I do. I can’t give too much away but I can tell you that Ozma and the whole Portal Corp needs to be stopped. Now I’m all for tech being used to control magical portals when used with respect and for the right reasons. Ozma needs to be stopped. She uses and abuses her employees and those she captures.

JK: Are you accusing Ozma, the head of one of the largest companies in this sector of kidnapping?

Josh: Yep.

JK: Interesting, to say the least. Are you not worried that Ozma will come after you because of the accusations you have said today?

Josh: No and I welcome her to try. Have you ever tried to stop someone who can change what they look like?

JK: Can’t say that I know anyone with your ability. Mind if we talk about it?

Josh: What would you like to know?

JK: How about the first time?

Josh: It happened about nine years ago. I know, a professional like me, you thought I started out young, didn’t you? And I don’t have a tragic story either, unless you factor in the pain but it was worth it. Felt like my insides were ripping apart. I couldn’t eat for four days. That might have been the worst part! My mother makes a fantastic stew. Actually, she makes a fantastic anything, my father as well. I couldn’t get into their craft but I can make a tasty breakfast.

JK: I’m sure you can. Do you have a favorite form?

Josh: Can’t beat the original.

JK: So, you’re from Crystaltina?

Josh: Yep. Nice little village that sits in a gully. But I rather be around a lot of people and tall buildings. Home is nice but it doesn’t have that big city vibe.

JK: Where would you like to go on a getaway?

Josh: The fifth moon of Temgust. I’ve only heard about it from stories and I know it is far off but you can see structures that are on Temgust V from all four moons and on the planet Temgust. Or so legend says.

JK: I don’t want to keep you, any lasting thoughts?

Josh: Oh, I don’t mind, keep me as long as you wish. But if you insist on my departure, I just want the people to know that  the use of portals should be free for all. Why limit travel to those who can afford it? There are families out there torn apart…they should be able to be reunited. We need to open up this galaxy for everyone! I am fighting for not only that freedom but of course freedom from Ozma. She is running a slavery camp with her illusions and mind games.

JK: If I can interrupt you, what about Doctor Russell Anzak? He was the one who learned how to harness portals by using magic and science without the use of a magical scroll. In all respects, Dr. Anzak is the one responsible.

Josh: But where is Anzak? He’s been missing for what—seven years? He didn’t even make an appearance when his son died. Not one word. Want to bet that Ozma is controlling him as well? Why give her control of the UPC when she was only a consultant?

JK: Some say that Robby was the son of both Dr. Anzak and Ozma.

Josh: Nah, I don’t buy it.

JK: But it is plausible. Do you balme Dr. Anzak?

Josh: He’s given me no reason. Like I said, he’s probably under Ozma’s control. I admire Anzak’s work. I don’t understand it but that is neither here nor there.

JK: You were allegedly a prisoner of Ozma, correct?

Josh: Yes, I was. I know first hand what Ozma is doing. Trust me, I’m not just targeting a company. Granted, I did meet Zarnel while I was a captive there and I wouldn’t change that, he’s a great guy, but I do wish it was under better circumstances. Not everyone finds a friend at the UPC.

JK: I guess the big question is why. Why would Ozma want to control the UPC?

Josh: You got me there but I will find out.

JK: I have to say, my interview with Josh Blaire from the village of Truam, was indeed very interesting and insightful. He went on to mention that he needs to touch someone or see a picture of them before he can morph into their features. Not just a party trick! Josh is very flirtatious but always ready to help anyone that needs it.

Be sure to check out our previous interview, which was with the secretive Kyle Roberts.

Josh’s theme song, is by the band 30 Seconds to Mars, Do or Die.



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