Author Wednesday – Jennifer Kibble


I am humbled to be the first Author Wednesday of 2015! This was a fun and interesting experience! I hope you enjoy reading it.

P.C. Zick

cropped-cropped-typewriter.jpgSeems like it’s been forever since I did an Author Wednesday post. But I’m back with the 2015 edition and am pleased to welcome Jennifer Kibble as the first author of the new year. Jennifer has just published, Normality Twisted, the first book in the young adult adventure series, Phoenix Element. It is written through the eyes of a fourteen year old girl who discovers that she has magical powers and an alien entity that lives within her. Pheonix-Cover_TITLE-FINAL_web

Welcome, Jennifer. The premise of your novel is fascinating. Tell us a little bit about yourself as a writer. When did you first discover your voice as a writer?

I was in the fifth grade, sitting on a brown bean bag in my home room. We had these composition books that we used to write in. The first thing that I wrote in that book was a silly little poem about a fish…

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