What is in a Name

I stumbled across a blog that has some interesting topics for writers to type up. Go take a look, maybe some of those topics will get your muse working again.

Today’s topic: How you determined your characters’ names.

I will be visiting characters from my first book, Normality Twisted. Also you’ll get to meet a few characters from my second book, Mages of Vane.

AnyaAnya: This name comes from Anastasia which means resurrection. Our hero of Phoenix Element has been reincarnated and takes the name of her past self. This allows Anya to separate her normal life with the more magical one.

Kasiff: This name comes from Kashif. I was trying to find Kyle’s name from his past and came up with Kasiff. I then did a search to see if it meant anything and amazing, it did have meaning. The name means discoverer and “one who reveals”.

Ashima: This name was used as a name for one of my characters in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO game. I loved it so much, that I wanted to use it in my story. Both characters have nothing in common. My Star Wars character was a smuggler, but with a good heart. Ashima, well, she wants destruction. The name Aashima in India means limitless. This is not a good sign for our heroes.

Duncan Stryderman: I was given the challenge to create a character by the name of Stryderman. So I used that name as a surname and gave him the name of Duncan.

Miles: This name is a nod to the video game character Tails, from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Miles has been a character in my short stories since the mid 1990’s. These stories were written for fun and for a grade in school.



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Jennifer is a geek at heart. She works as a cook at a high end casino while trying to get her writing career off the ground. Jennifer has been writing off and on since the 5th grade. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys playing video games, reading, playing D&D, and listening to music.

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