Know Your Roots


I stumbled across a blog that has some interesting topics for writers to type up. Go take a look, maybe some of those topics will get your muse working again.

Today’s topic: How old you were when you first began to write and what that felt like.

I was fishing in a lake

one day

When I remembered it was

your birthday.

I didn’t know what to

get you…

So I got you a pet

A fish in a net

and his name is Brett!

combookA poem that I had written when I was in the fifth grade. I didn’t give it a title at the time. Later on I called it Making a Birthday Card. Maybe I should have just called it Brett. Or Fishy Brett. At any rate, this was an assignment that my teacher gave the class. This started a whirlwind into the world of writing.

I was excited when I first started to write. Creating characters and sending them off on adventures was a highlight of my childhood. I grew up in a poor area and being able to escape into my own imagination helped kept me grounded (so to speak).


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