Get into my Car


tweet The following is a writing prompt told through the eyes of the characters from Phoenix Element.

Thanks to @Katherine_Tella for the idea!


JK: Today I’m here with a few members of The Phoenix Element…

Anya: Excuse me, that’s not…we don’t have a name.

Taryn: I thought we voted on it?

Josh: I voted.

JK: It’s alright. I have a fan question for each of you. Which car would you want to drive?


Celestria: That’s a strange question to ask.

Anya: And that was a strange way to answer, Josh.

Taryn: Does it have to be a car? Why not a boat?

Anya: I can see you driving a Beetle, Taryn. Painted in eight different colors because you can’t decide on a color!

Taryn: True, but I still would like a boat.

Josh: Do we get the car that we answer?

Celestria: Subaru Crosstrek.

Everyone: Really?!

Celestria: Practical, why not?

Josh: McLaren P1. Not practical, but who cares, it’s a P1.

Anya: Firebird.

Celestria: The car isn’t on fire, Anya.

Anya: I know that!

Josh: She only likes it because it has ‘fire’ in the name.

Anya: Fine…Bugatti Veyron.

Josh: P1 would win.

Anya: Would not!

Celestria: This could go on for a while.



(Featured Image from: miracoL)



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