The 777 Challenge

The rules are simple. 7 lines from page 7 and tag 7 people.

The idea comes from  author Vicki Tapia who had tagged myself on Facebook.

Below you can read seven (and a half) lines from Phoenix Element: Mages of Vane. I love how the seven lines are without names or context.

Mages of Vane Concept Art

“How long?”


“Eleven years or since you were eleven?”

“Since I was eleven years old.”

“And my dad, can he use magic too?”

“No and no, he doesn’t know.”

If the answer would have been yes, I would have been elated yet mad at my dad for not saying anything to me. Which brought me to my next question, “Why didn’t you tell me?”



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Next Jen

Jennifer is a geek at heart. She works as a cook at a high end casino while trying to get her writing career off the ground. Jennifer has been writing off and on since the 5th grade. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys playing video games, reading, playing D&D, and listening to music.

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