Second Book in the Phoenix Element Series Coming Soon


I am currently finishing up Phoenix Element: Mages of Vane. Hopefully it will be out next month.

Book 2_lowreseditI’ve been promoting the first book in the Phoenix Element series, Normality Twisted recently for two reasons. Normality Twisted has been re-released as a second edition in both print and digital formats. Secondly, to get the word out about Phoenix Element, which will lead up to the release of Mages of Vane.

Here is a random snippet from the second book in the Phoenix Element series:

I calm myself as I push the images of dead mages from my thoughts. I slow down my mind as I speed up my teleportation. I feel like I’m moving slowly when in fact I am moving as fast as I possibly can. Since I can’t teleport directly to a person any longer I have to picture myself in close proximity to the blood mages instead. I close my eyes and teleport to the first blood mage that I see. I thrust my fire sword into his midsection. I quickly move to the second one, striking the arm. The next mage, I attack the back. The fourth, the chest. I don’t wait to see if they fall. I just need to damage them enough so they stop their attack. I can’t think that I’m killing people. I have to remember that I am saving others.


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