Day One – Five Problems with Social Media


The 30-day writing challenge…as told through the eyes of the characters from Phoenix Element!

zarQFive problems with social media, discussed by Zarnell Quentin Trell, who also goes by the nickname Zar-Q. Born on February 15, 1974 on the planet of Zerron, Zar-Q is the resident tech expert. He is always trying to invent new things and loves to learn about other cultures.

“There is a problem with social media?” Zar-Q pushes away from his quad-monitor rig in surprise. “Logically, anyone who uses social media to harm would be a problem. Imagine┬ásomeone like Ozma had control of it. She could practically rip that society apart from the inside. Rayashas are balls of energy, if they found a backdoor to social media, then that could be disastrous as well. As a whole, social media is amazing. It connects people that might not have known each other if not for social media. You can believe that I plan on taking aspects of social media to use on Crystaltina. We may be more developed, but there are things from Earth that we can utilize.”


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