Day Two – Your Earliest Memory


The 30-day writing challenge…as told through the eyes of the characters from Phoenix Element!

Sara“My mom gave me a stuffed tiger. It wasn’t my birthday or Christmas, or anything like that. She found it at a thrift shop and knew I would love it. I did. It was the last gift she ever gave me. I was five when she died. I didn’t understand why she was gone, she just was. No one would tell me why or how until I was ten. She died from complications from a seizure. That random and that sudden. That was when I knew I wanted to work in the medical field.”

Today’s prompt, your earliest memory, is told by Sara Winder, the mother of Miles. Born in 1957 in North Carolina to Rada Bello and Jeremiah Franks. Sara┬áhas a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Cantrell University.



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