Day Seven – Tattoos


The 30-day writing challenge…as told through the eyes of the characters from Phoenix Element!

I’m going to take control of this day’s exercise. Today you’ll learn about my three tattoos!

I got my first tattoo when I was was 19 years old. I was at the tattoo shop with two of my friends, and my future husband. Only the three of us got a tattoo that night. I got a heart with wings, and a halo. Above it is a character that means “spirit”. The other two that I got happened at a comic convention several years back. I got a Nintendo controller above my right ankle. Someone thought my NES tattoo was a boombox. There is a TARDIS from Doctor Who above the left ankle. Most people who do not know about Doctor Who, can never guess what the TARDIS tattoo is. I’ve gotten a lot of funny guesses. I want to add in watercolor stars and planets around my TARDIS eventually.


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