Quick Book Review | Red vs Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide

Get ready to enter the world of Red vs Blue! The hit web series from Rooster Teeth.

RvB_Book_The_Ultimate_Fan_GuideI had just started working at GameStop in the mall. A few short weeks later, Halo 2 launched on November 9th, 2004. It was my first midnight opening. The event was simply insane. Massive amounts of people and I was in the thick of it. Playing on the TV was an episode of Red vs Blue. This was my first time seeing it and I was hooked. I wasn’t able to watch much of the episode since my time was taken up by the customers, but I told myself to watch the series as soon as I had the free time. And I did just that.

I fell behind after season five of Red vs Blue. I can’t say that I regret it, because just recently, I played catch up. I had the Red vs Blue blu-ray box set on my shelf for too long before I decided to watch it. Now that I am all caught up, I am eagerly awaiting the next season and beyond. This prompted me to get the book, The Red vs Blue: Ultimate Fan Guide.

Since I do have a history with Red vs Blue, it was only natural that I would love this book! I recommend this guide to any Red vs Blue fan. The book does the series justice with every page. It talks about each character of Red vs Blue in hilarious detail.

((Red vs Blue is a machinima web series and intended for those 18 years and older brought to you by Rooster Teeth. Same goes for the book.))

In Red vs. Blue, its creators at Rooster Teeth brings together more than a decades’ worth of ephemera and behind-the-scenes information from the popular comedic web series, including:

  • Character dossiers and fact sheets
  • Character-driven lists, including “The Wisdom of Caboose”
  • Charts and statistics mapping out character, world, and episode trivia
  • Best Red vs. Blue quotes. Of all time
  • Alternate stories and character arcs that were abandoned
  • Spotlights on the cast and crew of Red vs. Blue, filled with unique anecdotes, behind-the-scenes stories, and insights into the series and their role
  • New, never-before-seen content: Includes annotated scripts of some of the most-watching episodes, side-stores, expanded universe material, alternate endings, deleted scenes and trivia
  • Original sketches and drawings

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