#WIPJoy Someone Needs a Hug


Phoenix Element: Reality Break is my latest work in progress (WIP). During the month of July, I’ll be giving a sneak peek into Reality Break.

(The words below are from a work in progress from the first draft of Reality Break.)

After the following events, Kasiff could really use a hug:

Kasiff begins to stumble his words. I reposition the book as best as I can. His faces twitches with worry.

A loud explosion causes me to drop the book. I quickly pick it up with my right hand. The page is lost to me.

Kasiff continues to chant, unknowing that I dropped the book.

The chant breaks. “You have to get out of here.”

I can read it on his face. Kasiff can’t save the planet.


I grab onto Kasiff’s shoulder and I shake him out of his trance. The cracks on his body are slowly closing. A few close and appear to have never been there to begin with. A blue hue remains on his skin. His eyes twinkle with golden specks and his own tears.

“Save the next one,” I tell him. With my hand still on his shoulder, I guide Kasiff through the portal.


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