Quick Book Review | A Sudden Terror


A Sudden Terror is a horror novelette from Cristina Isabel.

Off the bat, I would like to mention that there are swear words within this novelette, making this not suitable for all ages.

I would also like to mention that I am not a horror type of girl. I’ve seen Friday the 13th, Jason, Saw, and I’ve enjoyed them, but I don’t get that scare that other people get with scary/horror movies. Most of them I find quite boring.

I did enjoy, in fact, enjoy Sudden Terror. It is packed with three different stories that should be read under candle light.

*No Eyes: A government project goes wrong when the surgeon hired to do a specific job takes it to the next level taking the eyes of anyone who doesn’t see things his way!

*Highly Alarming: A rave party turns out to have the worst party favors ever –Slugs!

*Panicked Heartbeats: Doctors try to play God with an old man after injecting him with a serum that makes him believe he is a cold-hearted killer of children.

Out of the three, I enjoyed Panicked Heartbeats the most. Fast paced and it left me wanting to know more about that world. A great way to end this book.

One or maybe all three of these stories might just get under your skin!


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