Meeting Larry Elmore

Larry Elmore is a fantasy artist who has worked on illustrations for the Dragonlance book series, comics, Magic the Gathering card game, video games, and more. At this year’s Florida Supercon, I had the chance to meet him.

The Florida Supercon took place from July 27th until the 30th in downtown Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. I had bought my ticket in January.

Once I had learned that Larry Elmore would be at Supercon, I knew I had to have him sign the 1186 page book, The Annotated Legends (home to three Dragonlance novels). My husband helped carry this book around the convention and he’s a bigger fan than I. But I digress.

Larry Elmore’s panel was about world building in an RPG setting. However the forty minute panel turned into a Q&A and I enjoyed listening to Larry Elmore’s stories.

Two things stuck with me. One, is something that I told myself when I had my moment when I knew I should publish my books: “write for yourself”. Create what you love for yourself and then run with it. Go from there. I had almost forgotten that.

He also mentioned his muse and how he didn’t know she was his muse until several years later. She came to him in dreams. When Mr. Elmore finally listened to this dream woman, his mind opened up to fantastic paintings that he had not created yet. I myself have a similar muse but as of late, has been silent.

All of those thoughts that were keeping me down dissipated once I went to this panel. We also stopped by his booth later on in the day. My husband was the more talkative one while I was stuck in awe, my mind working.

Thank you, Larry Elmore.

In addition, my friend was also present at the panel. She spoke of an idea that she’s been meaning to put forth. I said, “why not make it into a book?” We’ll see what comes of it. Good news, I am up earlier than usual creating notes on the matter.

Larry Elmore’s Wikipedia page

Please check out Larry Elmore’s webpage



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