One Book at a Time or Several

Do you read one book at a time or several?

I’ve never been the one to read more than one book at any given moment but here we are. I’ve got three active books that I am reading and two that are just on the side. I feel guilty about it. And now I’ve started to give more attention to one book instead of spreading it out.

I found a Goodwill bookstore that sold the majority of their books for only three dollars. Luck was on my side when I found the four books that I needed to finish off my Percy and the Olympians series. I had read the first book years ago. I never got the others until that day.

On a whim, and knowing I had other books to read, I started reading Sea of Monsters. Two days in and I am already halfway through while the other books are collecting dust (physically and digitally).

I should go back to reading one book at a time but I just couldn’t help myself. Is this normal? Like watching several different TV shows at once?


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Next Jen

Jennifer is a geek at heart. She works as a cook at a high end casino while trying to get her writing career off the ground. Jennifer has been writing off and on since the 5th grade. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys playing video games, reading, playing D&D, and listening to music.

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