For Authors


If you are an author, painter, musician, or love to create art, I want to feature you! Feel free to answer the questions below and email them to or fill out the form below. Also include up to three photos of your work (and a photo of yourself if you choose). The subject line should read, “Requesting to be a Featured Artist”. Keep it PG-13. I reserve the right to refuse. If chosen, I will reply back via email with the link to your featured post. Depending on demand, I will get back to you within two weeks.

I am available for reviews as well as book swap reviews. My reviews will be honest, short, and to the point (spoiler free). I will post the review on this site, Goodreads, and on Amazon.

Keep in mind that I do this on my own freetime. My backlog of books is massive. With that said, I cannot guarantee that I will read your book as soon as I receive it. I read one book at a time, at my own pace. Each book requires their own attention and I want to give it my full.

And now to the questions!

Feel free to add to the list. All questions do not need to be answered. Have fun, be open, and share your talent(s)!

Please share some information about yourself.

Tell us about your craft.

How did you get started?

Are you working on anything right now?

What are your future plans, long or short term?

Any parting words or advice to other artists?

Share links to your social media and where we can purchase your work.

Featured artists will be posted on this blog and shared on social media.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!