A Bunch of Questions! Get to know the Author Part 2

Here’s another set of questions! Feel free to ask your own in the comments.

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Here is my interview with Jennifer Kibble

Check out my newest author interview! Feel free to ask your own questions in the comments! Thanks to Fiona for having me.



Name: Jennifer Kibble

Where are you from: South Florida

Tell us your latest news?

I am currently editing my second book in my young adult series, Phoenix Element. I do not have a solid release date for Mages of Vane yet but I am shooting for a fall or early winter release.

Eric White is once again working on the cover for the second installment.

I’ve started working on the rough draft for the third book in the Phoenix Element series. I am writing out the first draft the old fashion way: pen and paper.

For those who use Goodreads, I am running a giveaway until July 1st. The prize is a signed copy of my first book, Phoenix Element: Normality Twisted.


 When and why did you begin writing?

It happened during my 5th year in elementary school. Our teacher told us to have a composition book…

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I Can’t Sit Down to Write Unless…

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Know Your Roots

I stumbled across a blog that has some interesting topics for writers to type up. Go take a look, maybe some of those topics will get your muse working again.

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