Update on Mages of Vane Book Cover


The art for my second book, Phoenix Element: Mages of Vane is coming along very well. Once again, all art is created by Eric White. Make sure you check out his website! I’m excited to see how the coloring turns out.

Concept Art for Phoenix Element Mages of Vane

This is a sample of what the cover for the second book in the Phoenix Element series will look like. Once again, the art is being done by the talented Eric White. Make sure you give him a follow as well.

The cover has Anya and Kyle fighting a horde of mages at the Vane Magic School. What are your thoughts on the cover, I really could use the feedback and I appreciate any and all opinions! Click on the drawing to enlarge it.


Poll | Two Worlds Coming Together

Archer Scans bookconcept

Here we see a portal opening up between two worlds. We have the Earth and Crystaltina, two planets that are far apart yet you can step right into each world. If a portal opened up in front of you, would you walk in even if you had no idea where it would send you? Choose your answer in the poll and see how others voted!

Art by Eric White

Early Concept of Anya


Here is our hero, Anya, without the dress. This is another early drawing of her for the cover of Phoenix Element Normality Twisted. It was fun seeing the early steps of the cover grow.

Art by Eric White

Mages of Vane Concept Art

First look at art from Mages of Vane

First look at art from Mages of Vane

Here’s a concept piece for the cover of my second book, Phoenix Element Mages of Vane. The art is once again done by Eric White.

Mages of Vane will take place two years after the events of Normality Twisted. Sort of. There will be a recap of what happened during those two years. Our hero will be taking classes and tests to better her magic at the New Vane Magic School on the planet of Zerron.