Phoenix Element: Normality Twisted Cover


Phoenix Element: Normality Twisted Cover.

Here is the cover for Phoenix Element Normality Twisted created by the talented Eric White! Make sure you check out his site!

Eric White is working on the cover to the second book in the series, Mages of Vane.


Welcome to Phoenix Element

Alright! Now where to start?

Welcome to the webpage for Phoenix Element! I wasn’t going to create a page for my book series however I realized if I want to get my book series out to the masses I can’t simply have a Facebook page for it, right? Not everyone uses Facebook anyway.

What I want to get out of this site is simple, to share my books with other people and to also share that experience and to gain feedback. And maybe have some fun along the way.

This is the standard first post of (hopefully) many. Please share, tweet, and get the word out about this site and the first book in the Phoenix Element series, Normality Twisted.